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About CakeAll Sweet Pea Bakery cakes are baked from scratch in small batches.
You say "baked from scratch." What does that mean to you?
When we say "baked from scratch" we mean just that. We bake our cakes from scratch in small batches, using whole ingredients you will recognize as real food. Just like Grandma did, only with better equipment. No fillers, no mixes, no buckets. No exceptions.
Do you have a cake menu? What's good?
Yep. Click here for a detailed menu with photos.

Oh, and it's all good. Order what sounds best to you or get an expert recommendation from our crew who eats more cake than what is probably normal. Either way it's hard to go wrong.
I guess I really meant, "what's popular?"
Well then. Popular cakes are split between "chocolate" and "other" categories. If your VIP loves chocolate, our Opera Cake delivers the goods: 7 thin layers of cake filled with chocolate mousse and finished with mocha buttercream and bittersweet chocolate ganache. Our chocolate Devil's Food cake is delicious and quite flexible. You'll find it in four different menu cakes.

Thinking of something else? Pink Champagne cake is a big hit for birthdays and showers. Carrie's "Best Ever" Carrot Cake earns its name with organic carrots, local flour, eggs and safflower oil. Our light and flavorful Raspberry Lemonade cake is popular in the summer, and a great way to brighten up a winter afternoon.
How big are your cakes? Which size is best for my gathering?
Cakes are available in 4, 7, 9, or 12" sizes. Our cakes are two layer round cakes with filling and frosting, with the exception of Opera Cake, which is rectangular. When finished our round cakes stand 4 - 5" tall, and Opera about 3".

The menu gives a range of servings for each size cake. For example, we say a 7" cake will serve 8 - 14 people. This means that cake will generously feed 8 adults who are eating only (or mostly) cake. If the cake is being served after a meal, or if there are kids at the table, it can be cut for as many as 14 people. Keep in mind richer cakes like German Chocolate will stretch farther than lighter options.

These same rules of thumb apply to all the serving suggestions found on our web and print menus.
How far in advance should I order the cake I need?
Lead times depend greatly on the time of year, day of week, and the complexity of your request. We have cakes available for pick up Monday through Saturday, designs are limited to the selection on hand. Please be advised we tend to fill up sooner around holidays and weekends in the summer, and may be booked well in advance of any given date. Please give as much notice as you can for maximum satisfaction.
Will you to bake my Grandma's special cake for my birthday?
That depends. We will consider custom recipes with enough notice on a case by case basis. Points of consideration can include, but are not limited to:
  • How much notice you give us,
  • Other orders we have in house for that date,
  • Whether you will providing the recipe or just describing it, and
  • How nice you ask.

Sometimes we say yes, but often it just doesn't work out. Please don't be offended if we say no!
Can I request custom decoration?
The menu price includes standard decorations after Sweet Pea Bakery's signature style. Pictures are attached to the online menus as examples, but each cake is decorated by hand, and styles will vary. You can ask for specific colors, messages and styles, and we will decorate your special occasion cake to order. More elaborate designs like scrollwork will incur a labor charge, but we will give you a firm quote before you are committed to an order.
Do you make theme or character cakes?
We can decorate cakes with custom themes on request. There may be additional labor costs if the requested design will require more than the standard production time. Call us at (406) 586-8200 for a quote, or with any questions.
I don't like cake. Do you have anything for me?
We think so. First, ask yourself if you really don't like cake or if one too many grocery store cakes ruined it for you. We have won over many doubters simply by using real whole ingredients and leaving out the fake stuff. If cake just isn't your thing, there's no reason to feel left out. Many of our most-popular treats aren't cake at all. And don't forget, it's your birthday, and if you want to blow out the candles on a Key Lime Torte, then that's how it should be. We're sure your friends won't complain! Read more about popular desserts in the next section.
About DessertsSweet Pea Bakery desserts have been voted "Best of Bozeman" five times!
What's popular?
Even more than with cake, dessert lovers are split between chocolate fans and the rest. We have something for both sides, and some that combine the best of each.
If you prefer to hold the chocolate, you have some great choices. Carrie's Key Lime Torte was featured on the Food Network and is one of the most popular items in our shop. Our classic Cheesecake is available in a long list of flavors and can be made for groups of all sizes.
Speaking of groups, try feeding yours some mini eclairs! We fill light pastries with almond pastry cream and dip them in chocolate ganache twice!
And chocolate lovers aren't left out. We have two flourless chocolate recipes that are sure to please, and you'll like those eclairs, too. Our popular chocolate mousse and pot de creme are now available in larger quantities to serve a crowd.
How big are your desserts? How much do I need?
Cheesecakes and other tortes are available in 4, 7, 9, or 12" sizes. Those desserts are round and are 2 - 3" high.Shortbread tarts are available in 4, 8 and 12" rounds which are about an inch high.
The menu gives a range of servings for each size cake. For example, we say a 7" desserts will serve 8 - 12 people. This means that desserts will generously feed 8 adults who are eating only (or mostly) desserts. If the cake is being served after a meal, or if there are kids at the table, it can be cut for as many as 12 people. Keep in mind a rich Flourless Chocolate will stretch a lot farther than a light Fruit Tart.
These same rules of thumb apply to all the serving suggestions found on our web and print menus.
How do I serve your desserts?
Great question. Different desserts require different handling. For best results ask us about storing and serving your dessert when you pick them up.
There are some guidelines you can follow to help make sure your treats are at their most fresh and delicious when you are ready to serve them. Keep your desserts in their containers in the fridge until about an hour before you are ready to serve them. With large or delicate treats, try taking down the box around the desserts rather than lifting it out. Trust us on this one.
Generally, our desserts and cakes can stand 2 hours at room temperature. If you need a longer presentation time, try freezing your treat for a short time before you plate it. This will help with a clean transfer to your plate, too.
Desserts can be plated and presented during the meal. Use a warm carving knife to first cut dessert into halves, then quarters. Clean and warm knife with water as necessary between cuts. Cut desired number of servings from one quarter at a time as needed (Leftover desserts will store better as larger pieces).
Most tortes and tarts can be wrapped well and frozen for longer storage. Ask a baker or sales clerk for the best storage method for your treats.
What is that stuff called?
Many of our desserts are in the American tradition, and familiar to Montana mouths; when eating and speaking. Some of our desserts come from other places and have trickier names like frangipane, pot de creme, or buche de noel. Names we don't even have the special character keys to type properly.
We even have some desserts prounounced how they look, except people get nervous and add in some fancy syllables. So prounounce the name wrong. Give us a vague description. Point and grunt if you have to. We're probably not pronouncing it right either, and we promise not to laugh. But just for fun, here are the pronuciations and definitions of those tricky treats mentioned above:
frangipane: (FRAN-juh-pan) A mixture of ground almonds, butter, sugar and eggs that is sometimes used to fill a tart. Halved stone fruit such as apricots and plums can be baked atop it to make a delicious dessert. Source BBC
pot de crème: (POH-de-krem) A traditional French dessert that consists of a rich, creamy custard cooked and served in small pots. Source
buche de noel: (BOOSH-de-noh-EHL) The Yule Log, or classic Christmas Cake as it is also called, is designed and decorated to look like a felled tree log. Traditionally made with a chocolate sponge (genoise) cake (baked in a jelly-roll pan) that is filled with a chocolate, mocha or chestnut buttercream and rolled into a log shape. Source
About Baked GoodsWe bake our pastries and goodies with Montana flour, milk eggs and honey.
Which muffins and scones are most popular?
Our most popular muffins are Blueberry Crumble and Morning Glory. Mixed Berry Scones are always a crowd-pleaser, and a lot of people like the sweet and savory Maple Bacon Cheddar.
Not sure what to order? Get an assortment of baked goods and have something for everyone in the group.
Do people really like scones? I'm not sure about serving them to a group!
We get it. Most of the scones you've had were dry over-processed pucks. They were probably overly sweetened to make up for the texture.
We take scones seriously, and we think ours are the best in the state.
Sweet Pea scones are hand mixed and shaped for the perfect crumb. Each one is made with Montana-grown flour, eggs and milk for a fresh wholesome flavor.
Which cookies and bars are most popular?
Our most popular cookies are the familiar favorites, and we make them just like your grandma did.
Try our Chocolate Chunk cookies or Ginger Molasses.
Our bars are just the way you remember them too. If you loved lemon bars or brownies as a kid, you'll love ours too!
Your cookies and bars are huge! Do you make them any smaller?
No problem. Ask for "party size" cookies and bars when you're serving an assortment of goodies to a group of kids or adults.
How much should I order?
It depends on the gathering and the group. If you are having muffins and scones with coffee, then one serving per person is probably plenty. On the other hand, a spread of mini desserts at a cocktail party might require 3 servings a person or more, especially where eclairs are involved. We will work with you to plan a table that suits your tastes and your budget.
Can I order one of each?
Call or visit the shop to pick from that day's selection of fresh baked goods in any quantity you like. For special orders we ask you order a minimum half dozen per flavor of your choice. There are price breaks when you order more. See the baked goods menu for pricing details.
How much notice do you need?
For the most variety in selection, please order 48 hours or more in advance. For summer weekends (Friday - Saturday between Memorial and Labor Day) and around holidays lease give us as much notice as you can. We often book up early during these times!
About WeddingsBeautiful hand-made cakes and dessert tables for Montana weddings, and we deliver!
How do I find out more about your wedding cakes and services?
Our wedding cake brochure is now entirely online. In order to generate less waste and get you the most current information we have done away with the paper brochure. The interactive version has links to pictures, current pricing information, and contact information to get in touch with questions about your dream cake. Read on for answers to the most common questions we hear, visit our weddings page,and please feel free to email or call the bakery at (406) 586-8200.
Are you available for my date? How far in advance do I need to plan?
Weddings and group events for Mid-May to mid-October should contact us a year out if possible. Other dates usually require less notice, but we are a small shop, baking from scratch. This means that most weekends will book in advance. Summer dates are kept open until January 1st of each year, but you can call us to ask questions or schedule a cake tasting and consultation whenever you are ready.
When will my cake be made?
Because we are a full service bakery, we are baking all the time. You don't have to worry about a Sweet Pea cake sitting in the freezer for weeks. Cakes and desserts for your wedding will start production the afternoon before your big day so the layers can set up overnight. The finishing and decorating will happen on the morning of the event. Everything will spend a little time chilling before it goes out so you can be sure your dessert table will be at its best when it's time for everyone to eat.
Will ours be the only wedding cake you make that day?
Sweet Pea Wedding Slideshow
In the high season (Late May - early October) we will reserve as many as three weddings for any weekend (Thursday - Sunday) but that depends most on the size of the events, the complexity of the orders, and the distance of deliveries. We are making cakes non-stop and do not guarantee that yours will be the only one we work on during any given time period. But relax! Every Sweet Pea Wedding cake is baked fresh with care and given intense individual attention. Click on the image to take a look at Carrie's portfolio to see some of the amazing cakes she has created in the past seasons.
How big should my cake be?
How many people do tiered cakes serve? A chart for sizing wedding cakes.
We can make a tiered wedding cake for any size crowd. Hover or tap on the image to see our tiered cake sizing chart with all your options. Combine tiers with sheet cakes, cupcakes or a variety of desserts to suit the taste, style and budget of your wedding.
Give us a call or send an email to learn more.
Will you cut the cake?
Nope. But we will provide you with serving instructions to make sure you get what you're expecting, plus ingredient lists and allergens so that your guests can be well informed about what they're eating. And since we're baking from scratch with Montana ingredients, they'll actually be able to read that ingredient list.
So . . . who's cutting the cake again?
Make sure to talk to your caterer and the reception venue about how they want to handle serving the cake. Some will have a charge to cut and serve the cake, or for plating food made by an outside vendor.
If the caterer isn't serving the cake, designate a specific guest to do the cutting. And make sure they know about it ahead of time! Our serving instructions are written so just about anyone could cut one of our cakes, but it's still a lot of work!
What if I'm getting cupcakes somewhere else?
We understand. Maybe your best friend is making cupcakes instead of buying a gift. Maybe you've known since you were 6 that grandma's chocolate chip cookies would be part of your wedding. Maybe you invited 400 people and you have a tight budget. No problem. Sweet Pea Bakery will make anything you need for your wedding or event even if you're getting some of your goodies from another source.
What if my marriage is non-traditional?
If you're ready to celebrate with your friends and family, we're here to help. We appreciate your businessand look forward to making you something awesome for your big day.
What if me or my family have dietary restrictions?
We have a variety of awesome recipes for different diets that you can serve to everyone or just a few guests if you choose. Order cakes and desserts from our menu in no-compromise gluten-free options. Serve the whole crowd, and during the chicken dance tell them it was wheat-free.
It's important that you know that we're not registered as "free" of any specific ingredients. We can provide you with ingredients and allergen lists for any group order on request, and you can call the bakery with questions about the ingredients we use.
Do I need to use fondant?
Fondant is like Photoshop for cakes. You can create just about anything you can imagine, but there's a risk of making that creation a little too artificial. Fondant is critical for sculpted or cut designs, but is not necessary to have a beautiful wedding cake.If you just want a smooth finish, some color, and a professional look there's no need for fondant. Most of the cakes in our gallery are finished in buttercream or cream cheese frosting. Quite a variety of detail and texture can be added with frosting and sugar accents. Send us pictures of cakes you like to start a discussion about how we can build you a dream cake you will enjoy eating too.
But I have to serve cake, right? What will grandma think if I don't?
You know, not everyone serves cake anymore. Every year we serve more assorted mini desserts at weddings.Most people do have some cake as a nod to tradition, but it's not required any more. We've got such great choices in the dessert category, your guests won't miss a thing!
Oh, and don't worry too much about what grandma thinks. This is your wedding, and you should get the designs, recipes and flavors that make YOU happy. Grandma is still proud of you. Read more about all cake and dessert table options on our weddings page.
Great, now how do I get all that good stuff up the mountain to my reception?
Sweet Pea Bakery delivers wedding cakes to all the crazy Montana venues within 120 road miles of our bakery. If you can get a crowd up there, we can get the cake there. We'll get past the construction, cows, switchbacks and railroad tracks safe and sound. We bring along decorating tools to complete any final touch up needed after the long trip. The final set-up is part of the delivery fee; we'll get the cake on the table and place the flowers and decorations.
Sounds good, how do I book Sweet Pea Bakery for my Montana wedding cake?
Give us a call at (406) 586-8200 to schedule a consultation and get a quote for your wedding cake or dessert table. Your date can be held with a deposit of the estimated total, or $200, whichever is less. That amount is deducted from your final balance (no booking fees here!) which is due on delivery but can be paid any time before that, at your convenience.
Something changed, and my wedding has been rescheduled or cancelled. Is my deposit refundable?
Because we are a small business, we limit the amount and complexity of orders that we will accommodate on any given day. With weddings, that means that once we book with you, there's a good chance we're turning down additional business for that day. For that reason, deposits are non-refundable. But don't worry! If your date has changed, let us know as early as possible. If we're still available, we'll work with you to make the change. In the case that an event is cancelled outright or we are booked for the new date, we will return up to $200 in deposits or pre-payment in the form of gift certificates for future purchases from Sweet Pea Bakery. No cash refunds will be given for cancelled events.
Options for Large Groups
Sweet Pea Bakery makes beautiful handmade cakes and desserts for Montana weddings, and we deliver!
What size groups can Sweet Pea Bakery serve?
We have something for groups of all sizes! With enough notice we have created dessert tables for as many as 800 guests. Generally, if you are serving more than a couple dozen guests we should plan it as a group function, giving special consideration to food and wine pairings, variety, and ease of service. Contact us at (406) 586-8200 and we can tailor a table to fit your tastes.
How much notice do you need?
Please consider that we are a small shop that won't cut corners, which means our availability is limited. Prime summer weekends fill up early in the year with wedding and holiday orders, so please contact us early in the planning process for best results.
Must I be getting married? What other occasions call for Sweet Pea Bakery treats?
Any occasion, really, but some of the most popular times for dessert are significant birthdays and anniversaries, graduation and retirement parties, corporate functions and fundraisers. But it doesn't have to be a formal occasion; be the most popular person at potluck with a tray of eclairs, or end the perfect barbeque with some fresh fruit tartlets.
Does Sweet Pea Bakery offer catering services?
We do not offer catering services at this time. But here's what we can do! Sweet Pea Bakery delivers all around Southwest Montana. We can arrange for your desserts to be delivered and set up, and we will work with your caterers on menu selection, ordering the right amount, allergy concerns and more.
Do you deliver to private or home venues? How much do you charge?
We can deliver to most locations within 120 road miles with adequate notice and facilities. Longer distance deliveries will be considered on a case by case basis. Venues not listed in our database will be assigned a delivery charge that considers the distance and time involved in the trip, and the amount of gravel/mountain road involved at the end. Large or especially fragile orders may also affect the delivery charge for these venues. Please call the bakery for a quote.
More about Shipping Beyond the Bozone.
Some of our desserts and baked goods can be shipped to other locations.
Your options will depend on the dessert, the season, and the distance between us.
Can you ship outside of Montana?
We are not shipping outside of the state at this time.
Cities served by Montana Air Cartage
Montana Air Cartage is a delivery service that provides same-day-as-shipped delivery to business addresses in many cities across South and Central Montana, as well as Northern Wyoming. Customers in eligible locations may order from our full menu with 72 hours notice. You may order as much as you like for a flat delivery rate of $25.00. Air Cartage service covers the I-90/94 corridor from Three Forks to Glendive, MT. They also make daily runs to Sheridan and Buffalo WY as well as Lewiston, Harlowton and Roundup, Montana. Call the bakery @ (406) 586-8200 for details.
Can you ship outside of the US?
Sorry, but we can't. Too much to do with customs, and some days it's all we can do to keep up with the domestic sweet tooth. That said, if you want something sent to a US serviceman or woman at a foriegn post, and are willing to teach us a little bit about how that works, we would be happy to learn more and try it out.
More about Local Delivery:
A bakery that delivers? It's Sweet Pea Bakery; offering delivery of desserts, birthday cakes and baked goods to most residental and business locations around the Gallatin valley, including all of Montana State University, Belgrade, and Four Corners.
Can you deliver any of your desserts to me? How much will it cost?
Yes we can! If you live within 15 miles of town, you can have the greatest variety of desserts delivered to you or a friend by the good folks at Cafe Courier, six days a week. Delivery is available Monday through Saturday between Noon and 5 PM. Please just remember to give us at least 48 hours notice before those days. Check out our delivery page to estimate the cost, which will be based on your distance from the bakery.
I live somewhere else, but I'm looking for a cool way to treat my favorite Bozemanian. How can you help?
You have the same delivery options your local friend or client would have if they called themselves. We deliver lots of care packages and birthday cakes sent from considerate people around the state and around the world. Order from the full menu with at least 48 hours notice.
Once a lady called from New Zealand to have cookies delivered to a friend across the street. A guy e-mailed from the UK to send a sincere thank-you to a local business that hooked him up from across the pond. A thoughful young lady brightens her grandma's birthday every year with her favorite cake. And slightly melancholy MSU parents call us every week to send out the kind of home-baked love they would if they could.
Can you guarantee a specific delivery time?
The only guaranteed delivery times are for wedding cakes and catered events, which are charged differently. Even then, we hope you understand scheduling trips on Montana roads is not an exact science. Choose a location where the recipient will have some flexibility. Plus, you can't rush a good thing. For local deliveries, we recommend that your recipient be told to expect a delivery that day.
More about Sweet Pea Bakery:
For almost 20 years, Sweet Pea Bakery has been baking up treats that have become the local's choice for
a sweet tooth in need of a fix.
Where is Sweet Pea Bakery located?
Find us at 2622 West Main in Bozeman, across from the mall and right next between Wellnes Worx and Persnickety Formal Wear. We offer front door parking access for retail or special order pick-ups. Join us for pastries and more in the morning, or have one of Bozeman's favorite desserts in the afternoon.
What's the story behind Sweet Pea Bakery?
Sweet Pea Bakery was founded in 1997 by the Totten family, as part of Sweet Pea Cafe and Bakery in downtown Bozeman, Montana. Building on Charlie Totten's unique palette, the cafe became known as one of Bozeman's best kept secrets. On top of serving the only four-star dinner in town, they baked pastries, desserts and cakes that had the locals talking. In a neighborhood saturated with cafes and coffee shops, this one stood out from the crowd. Fast forward to 2002, when the Sweet Pea was looking for a baker. As luck would have it, recent art school grad Carrie Olson was looking for a tolerable way to make ends meet until that dream job materialized. Even luckier that she had spent countless afternoons as a child baking cookies and muffins next to her mom and grandma.
So, Sweet Pea got their baker and Carrie paid the rent. But as it turns out, Bozeman is flush with great graphic designers, and most of the good jobs are safely occupied. As time passed, that evening baking shift turned into a full time cake decorating gig. Carrie learned the trade from local pastry star Sue Usher as they worked side-by-side in a cramped basement bakery.
When the cafe and bakery came up for sale in the summer of 2006, Carrie and her husband Seth put a plan together and called some friends. That little basement bakery got some roommates, and the cafe space became Over the Tapas. Sweet Pea Bakery stayed put, making even more desserts in that tiny basement. Carrie continued to develop her skills, and that chance combination of her from-scratch baking background and understated modern style got a little attention. Along the way Sweet Pea Bakery was featured on the front page of the local paper, in American Cake Decorating magazine, and the Food Network program Road Tasted with the Neelys.
Over the Tapas was doing pretty good for itself, too. A "Best New Restaurant" nod from locals showed Bozeman was ready for their smart new approach to social dining, and the small-plate-with-wine format was a great match to Carrie's elegant desserts and cakes. By the summer of 2008 there just wasn't enough space in that little shop for both businesses to continue to grow.
After a long search, the bakers heard about a great space opening up across town. Sweet Pea Bakery re-opened above ground in January 2009 as a proper bakery, complete with morning pastries in addition to their signature cakes and desserts.
What makes Sweet Pea Bakery desserts different?
Thanks for noticing! We put a lot of love into everything we bake, and take a lot of pride in our reputation making Bozeman's favorite treats. We think that love is the number one difference between us and the competition. It drives us to try to do a little better with each batch.
Specifically, we pay a lot of attention to our methods and our shopping lists to ensure we are using the best ingredients in the best way. We bake in small batches with only whole ingredients, and have a well-defined commitment to locally grown and processed food products. We're happy to tell you about it; there is more about our shopping list below. Just don't ask about our techniques, a successful baker must always keep some things secret!
More about the Bakers:
Sweet Pea Bakery is locally-owned and operated. We love Bozeman and want to help it be the best possible place for our friends and family to live and have opportunities to enjoy cake.
Who Are You?
Sweet Pea Bakery is owned and operated by Carrie and Seth Ward of Bozeman. Carrie is the dessert master and Seth worries about the details. After meeting in college in Wisconsin, we moved to Bozeman in 1997 and made it our home. We live near downtown and enjoy exploring the trails and catching an occasional concert when the babysitter doesn't already have tickets. Our daughter Nela joined us in the spring of 2007 and has been at our side the whole time, effortlessly providing the motivation we need to lead the best lives we can.
What Are Your Credentials?
None, really. If you mean "what is the name of the master chef we trained under in Austria" then definitely none. We called our master chefs "mom" and "grandma." Carrie trained under Sue Usher and Charlie Totten at the original Sweet Pea and her artistic skills were honed in the Graphic Design program at Montana State U in Bozeman. Our bakers have been line cooks, camp cooks, exotic dancers, and baristas but none are culinary school graduates. Instead they bring real-world experience, attention to detail, and the influence of their personality to help us make your favorite desserts.
Where is Bozeman, Montana and how can you possibly live so far from the real world?
Bozeman is an agricultural and university town in the middle of nowhere. It just happens that all that nowhere surrounding us is some of the most complete, beckoning, inspiring nature left in the lower 48. Plus, folks are really nice here. People from all walks of life come to Bozeman by accident (or mistake) and never leave. People of means come here to build houses and the future, with mixed success. What remains when they move on is this place we call home, toeing the line between redneck, greenhorn and that cold, cold smoke in the mountains. You've certainly read about it in some magazine's top 10 list.
I would weigh 300 pounds if I worked there. What's your secret?
Well, genetics too.
Exercise, genetics, and moderation. That's the secret.
More about the ingredients we use:
We want to simplify the conversation about using wholesome, locally-grown ingredients. We're happy to answer your questions about how we shop, what comes locally, what doesn't and why. Just don't ask for our recipes!
Local food is the all the talk lately, but how are you walking the walk?
We are blessed in Montana to have producers interested in making great whole food products and really caring for land their families have often owned for generations. Sweet Pea Bakery wants our customers to know that we are commited to Montana and regional producers and you can be confident doing the same. We use local foods for the benefits to the community and the marketing value, of course, but also because these high-quality products are price and value-competitive, and readily available at your local grocery stores. Now that restaurant supply companies are stocking Montana brands look for (and ask for) locally-grown products at more of your favorite eateries.
Be specific. Which lines on the shopping list are Montana-grown and how frequently do you use them?
We're glad you asked. Food sellers like to use the phrase "whenever possible" to describe their consumption of local or organic products, and frankly as consumers we are a little frustrated by what seems like a bit of a smoke screen. As producers, we want to use our position to elevate the conversation by being plain and specific. Here goes: Whenever a recipe calls for all-purpose flour, whole eggs, milk or honey, that ingredient will always come from a Montana farm. When cherries are in season, those will be Montana-grown, too.
Those ingredients make up a big chunk of our shopping list, and we're pleased with our progress, but never satisfied. If you are a producer with a wholesome, regionally-grown or produced food product appropriate for scratch baking, we would love to hear from you!
What about the ingredients you DON'T use?
Another great question! Maybe the biggest difference between Sweet Pea desserts and something from the grocery store is what we leave off the shopping list. As a general philosophy, we won't feed you anything we wouldn't want our little girl eating. That mostly includes pre-mixed batters or frostings which add crazy fillers to save money and improve shelf life.
Check out some labels on your next trip to the grocery store and ask yourself why Carrot Cake needs shortening, hydrogenated oil or artificial colors and flavors. We have baked a few ourselves and can say with confidence the best ones don't contain any of those things. We like to sum up what we DON'T USE by saying you won't find any buckets in our bakery, but that's not entirely true. Our molasses comes in buckets now. They just don't ship it in jars or crocks anymore.
Any other ingredients worth mentioning?
Here are a few. We pick out our own produce as we need it so we know what we are getting. There are no Montana cocoa farms, so we order in 65% bittersweet chocolate from warmer climates. We use unsalted butter as another way to curb additives.
I have a gluten allergy or intolerance. Do you have anything for me?
Yes! We have two flourless chocolate tortes that are really popular with our gluten-intolerant customers. Not feeling like chocolate? Call ahead to get your cheesecake, key lime torte or shortbread tarts made with an alternate crust. Hungry for cake? The all-chocolate version of Opera Cake uses no wheat flour, and is almost unreasonably good. Please keep in mind our small bakery uses a lot of flour, so if you have a severe allergy please order ahead so we know to be extra careful with your treats!
What about diabetic / sugar-free options?
There's nothing on the menu at this time, but we have had some success using Truvia with some of our cake recipes. Sorry, but we do not make fruit sweetened cakes. Please call the bakery for specific sugar-free cake choices.
Any dairy-free options?
That's a tough one. Carrot Cake can be made entirely without dairy, but that's all we can think of. Please order at least 72 hours ahead for that option.
How do I find out about other allergens?
Please call the bakery at (406) 586-8200 to inquire about allergens in specific desserts. We are not certified as "free" of any specific ingredients. Generally speaking, all the major allergens except shellfish are present in our small bakery, including soy in some chocolate products. If you just need us to hold the pecans, that is no problem!
Celebrate Today. . . but please plan ahead. Availability is limited, call or email to order today.